Bad Luck Wedding Gifts: What Not to Give Newlyweds

Weddings are always a wonderful occasion, bringing together loved ones and friends to celebrate the newlyweds. But guests don’t come empty-handed. Choosing the right gift for the happy couple can sometimes be a challenge, as you want to give them something they will appreciate and that won’t cause any harm. Experts in the field of esotericism have compiled a list of items that should never be given as wedding gifts, to avoid bringing bad luck to the newlyweds, as reported by OnWeekNews.



It is believed that if the newlyweds light a candle given to them as a gift, as soon as it burns out, their relationship may be at risk of falling apart.



In general, it’s considered bad luck to give a clock as a gift, no matter the occasion. It is believed that such a gift will count down and reduce the recipient’s happy time.



Since ancient times, empty vessels have been seen as a bad omen and a harbinger of poverty. It is also believed that giving breakable items as wedding gifts can lead to conflicts and scandals in the couple’s relationship.



Marriage is the beginning of a new family with its own unique energy field. Antique objects carry the energy of their previous owners, which is not always positive. Giving such items as wedding gifts can transfer the previous owner’s misfortunes and woes onto the newlyweds.



It is well known that knives, like all sharp objects, have a destructive energy. Of course, a good knife can be useful in a young household, but such a gift is believed to bring discord into the family. The same applies to forks and scissors.

When choosing a gift for the newlyweds, it’s important to take into account their personal preferences and desires. Sometimes you may not know their tastes. In this case, money or a gift certificate to an appliance store can be a versatile and always appreciated gift. By avoiding bad luck wedding gifts, you can contribute to the happiness of the newlyweds and make their special day even more memorable.