Stephen King Supports Ukraine and Calls for World’s Attention

In his latest tweet, Stephen King, a vocal supporter of Ukraine, supports and calls for the world to keep Ukraine in their hearts and minds and not to listen to appeasers who want to leave Ukraine behind. The renowned writer has been backing Ukraine since the beginning of the war against Russian aggression. He is often seen wearing a cap or a t-shirt with the word “Ukraine” and expressing admiration for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In March of last year, Stephen King refused to renew his contracts with publishers for the release of his books in Russia. Some of his Twitter posts are devoted to Ukraine and its people’s fight against Russian invaders. In them Stephen King, as always, supports Ukraine.

In February 2023, Stephen King praised U.S. President Joseph Biden, who made an unannounced visit to Kyiv, Ukraine. The writer noted that Biden showed a “yard of courage.”

OnWeekNews reminds us that the war in Ukraine continues. That’s whyStephen King’s voice and support for the Ukrainian people serve as an inspiration to many. His message is clear: the world must not forget about Ukraine and its struggle for freedom and independence.