Twitter: Now Only Verified Accounts in Your Feed

The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, recently announced that, beginning April 15, only verified accounts will be displayed in recommendations and polls on the platform. This move aims to combat the increasing number of AI bot accounts that are flooding the social network. Elon Musk believes that this is the only effective solution to deal with this issue.

According to Musk, having only verified accounts in recommendations and polls is the only realistic way to fight back against AI bots. He stated that without this measure, the battle against them is hopeless. Additionally, verification will be required for polls for the same reason.

However, this decision may create more issues for users and may not achieve its intended goal. The primary Twitter feed, known as “For You,” is generated from posts by users you follow, their reactions to third-party posts, and relevant news. With this new change, users’ feeds will only contain posts from verified accounts, limiting the amount of diverse content that they see and potentially reducing engagement.

Moreover, some bot accounts have “verified” status, which means they can bypass these new rules and continue to spread spam and disinformation on the platform. It is unclear if this new measure will effectively address these issues or create additional problems for Twitter users.

And we remind you that since Elon Musk bought Twitter, more than 2 million users have joined the Mastodon social network.

In late October 2022, American entrepreneur Elon Musk bought Twitter. Not all of the new CEO’s decisions are popular with users. And Twitter’s competitors have begun to increase their popularity. Against the backdrop of Elon Musk’s actions, the Mastodon social network, which is the most popular Twitter analog, has increased the number of active monthly users from 300,000 to 2.5 million from October to November 2022.