Berlin Allows Topless Swimming for All Genders

Berlin local authorities have made a landmark decision to allow women to visit public pools topless, in line with the same rights afforded to men. This decision was made following a complaint by a Berlin resident who was denied entry to a public pool in December 2022 for being topless. The woman filed a complaint with the city’s ombudsman office in the Department of Justice, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination of the Berlin Senate, as reported by CNN.

The authorities accepted the complaint and acknowledged that the woman faced discrimination. To prevent any further discrimination, all women, men, and non-binary individuals are now allowed to visit public pools in Berlin topless.

Dr. Doris Liebscher, head of the ombudsman office, called this decision “a step forward for gender equality in the city.”

The topless swimming creates equal rights for all Berliners, whether they are male, female or non-binary. This creates legal certainty for swimming pool staff,” she added.

It is not clear how popular topless pool visits will become among women in Germany. But those who felt uncomfortable with covered chests and faced discrimination will no longer have to deal with this issue.

“It’s great that there are no penalties for accidental exposure. So the topless swimming is a good decision,” said Berlin resident Ida.

It is worth noting that a similar innovation appeared in the summer in the city of Göttingen. This makes such a decision not extraordinary for Germany.

The city of Berlin has taken a significant step towards gender equality with this decision. It ensures that everyone has the same rights, and there is no room for discrimination on any basis. This decision could inspire other cities around the world to take similar steps towards inclusivity and gender equality.